9 Pin No Tap

9 Pin No Tap Winners

Terry Mowery.jpg
Terry Mowry
Vogt, G 300 NT.jpg
Gary Vogt
9 Pin No Tap.jpg

Everyone in Hot Spings and the surrounding areas. Every Saturday night we are having a 9 Pin No Tap/ Color Pin fun night starting 7:00 PM.

Enter the strike pot for $10 for strike bonuses and the first five 300 games pays $100 each.

The first week the pattern was 2022 Ballard PBA 36’ pattern. It was tough and no 300 games.  Second week was the Kegel Beaten path 41’ pattern.  For the 4th of July it was the Statue of Liberty!  Stone Street 42' was the pattern for July 9.  Check out "Liberty Lanes Bowling and Training Center" on Facebook for all the past patterns and for the upcoming week.

Congratulations to Terry Mowery for the first 300 game on 7/9 and for winning $100 and to Gary Vogt for rolling a 300 on 7/16!  Who will be next to join them in the 9 Pin No Tap Tournament in August?

We will have this weeks shot out Friday for anyone wanting to come and practice.

Also remember anyone scoring a 300 game qualifies you for the 9 pin no tap tournament on August 13, for a $500 cash prize winner take all.

Hope to see everyone!!