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                                                              Holy Rollers Bowling League 2021-2022

                                                                   League Officers        

                                                                                President         -          Ken Fitzgerald           501.922.9393

                                                                          Vice Pres.        -           Carol Williams           501.226.8623

                                                                          Sec/Treas        -           Susan Clark                214.532.4181/cell



1.  League is sanctioned and will be governed by USBC rules. Cost of USBC fee for 2021-2022 is $ 24. All bowlers must complete a sanction card.


2.  Teams bowling will be mixed and consist of 4 people.  At least one person must be of the opposite sex: 2 men & 2 women or 3 men and 1 woman or vice versa.  Teams must have a minimum of 2 regular members present for a legal lineup. If a team is short a female member, then her average may be used so that the team remains mixed or vice versa. Exception to the rule may be made by the President and/or Sec./ Tres.


3.  League will bowl on Monday at 6:30 PM with practice at 6:20 PM, for a period of 32 weeks beginning August 30, 2021, and ending April 18, 2022.  Awards will be distributed on April 25, 2022. There will be no bowling on Dec. 27, 2021 the week of Christmas.  There will be a position round at the end of each half.  In case a different team wins each half, there will be a 3-game roll-off with the team winning 2 out of 3 games being declared league champion. No substitutes can be used in the 3-game roll-off for league champion and in the position round at the end of each half.


4.  The 8-point scoring system will apply.  Two points per game and two points for total pins.  The points will be split in case of ties.


5.  Regular bowlers returning from last year will use their last year’s Holy Roller’s Bowling League average for the first 9 games.  New bowlers with averages from Fiesta Bowl from last year will use their highest average for the first 9 games.  New bowlers without Fiesta Bowl averages will establish an average after 3 games (1 night) are bowled.  Handicaps will be figured after the 1st wk of bowling to determine wins and losses for that night. Individual handicapping will be 90% of the difference in the bowler’s average and 230 pins.


6.  League fees shall be $15 per week: lineage fee $12.00, $.50 Fiesta Bowl Secretary's fee, and $2.24 prize fund and $.26 Holy Rollers Sec/Treas. fee. The team member will pay the full $15 when absent, whether they find a sub or not.  The $15 weekly fee for the last week of the league must be paid by the fifth week October 4, 2021. When a regular member is absent, and a sub is not used, the absent bowler’s average, less 10 pins will be used as the “blind” score with his/her regular handicap used to compute the team’s handicap for the series.  If the absent bowler does not have a handicap (or the team is short a member), a blind score of 120 for women and 140 for men will be used. In these cases, the team handicap will be based on an average of 120 or 140 for the blind.


7.  When bowling against a BYE or FORFEIT, a team must bowl within 40 pins of the team average to win the points. The team average is the sum of the averages of the bowlers who bowled. In case of a tie, the team present wins the points.


8.  Late bowlers will be allowed to bowl in the game provided the anchor bowler on each team has not completed the 3rd frame of the game.


9.  When a bowler cannot complete a game, 10 % of the bowler’s blind score will be used to complete any unbowled frames.


10.  Roving subs will be used. These subs must come from our sub list or are regular bowlers on Monday night not bowling on their teams and are not bowling against their own team. Subs will not be allowed to bowl in the final roll-off games or position rounds at the end of each half.


11.  When a team cannot bowl as scheduled, the team captain must contact the opposing team captain within 48 hours of the scheduled bowling to arrange for pre-bowling. If a legal lineup (see #2 above) is available for the scheduled time, pre-bowling will NOT be permitted. When pre-bowling is authorized, it must be completed prior to the scheduled date (no late bowling except in emergency situations-i.e. not the fault of the bowlers, - as defined by USBC), Team captains will collect the bowling fees and give them, and a computer copy of the pre-bowled games prior to the normal scheduled date to the secretary. Should the secretary be on the opposing team, the scores should go to another league officer. Individual bowlers are never permitted to pre-bowl. League bowlers who pre or post-bowl are excluded from any awards when bowling unopposed. The opposing team will not be informed of the pre-bowled scores until they have completed all three games.


12. Team captains, or their representatives, will be responsible for collecting bowling fees and completing their recap envelopes. Bowling fee envelopes are to be turned into the secretary, before the start of the 1st game each week. The secretary is empowered to refuse to allow a member to bowl when the member becomes 2 weeks in arrears on fees without notification to the secretary.


13.  Bowlers who wish to withdraw or resign from the league due to illness or personal reasons must do so as outlined in USBC Rule 114a. A written notice is required, and 2 weeks league fees must be paid when resigning, unless an immediate replacement is found. The team captain is responsible to communicate a change in line up to the league secretary.


14.  The President will appoint an awards committee to prepare a list of awards to be given out at the end of the season. The list will be submitted to team captains for their approval within 4 weeks after the season begins. League officers will decide who receives USBC special league awards. Most improved bowler is based on Rule # 54 of the rule book. A bowler must have bowled 2/3 of the games (60) to be eligible for individual awards. (This rule may be adjusted by a carried motion of the team captains)


15.  Individual and team prizes shall be limited to 1 per team and 1 per bowler. All prizes shall be based on scratch and handicap games. Scratch and handicap prizes should be equal with precedence given to scratch awards. Team awards will be determined by standings in each half.


16.  The Holy Rollers league will be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of Officers and the Team Captains. Any questions not covered in these rules or USBC rules will be referred to the board for further action. The Board may call a general meeting when it feels that the total membership should vote on a specific matter.

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