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                                                           HOT MAMA’S BOWLING LEAGUE RULES

                                                                                                            2019-2020 LEAGUE RULES

                                                                                    President:               Donnie Farmer              984-1322

                                                                                    V-President:           Gerri Drake             870-656-3024

                                                                                    Secretary:               Sherry Phillips               922-3306

                                                                                    Treasurer:               Joann Slumpff               922-6203

                                                                                    Sgt at Arms:           Mary Bell                 501-545-7996

                                                                                    Sub Coordinator   Sherry Phillips               922-3306


  1.   This league will be a sanctioned handicap USBC league.  At this time, we have 12 teams consisting of 3 members per team.


  2.   The Board of Directors of this league shall consist of the officers and the Captain of each team.  The officers shall serve from September 5,                 2019, through August, 2020.


  3.   The league will bowl 30 weeks.  The first day of this league will be September 5, 2018.  There will be NO bowling on November 28,                                 (Thanksgiving), Christmas weeks, December 26 and January 2, 2020.  This league will return on January 9, 2020.  This league will end on April            16, 2019, unless added days for inclement weather.  This league will continuously bowl without any breaks in schedule.  Prize fund will be                  paid at the end of the season. 

        Payout will be for Team and individual High Scratch Series, Handicap Series,  High Scratch Game, & Handicap Game.  The rest of the money                goes into the points system to be paid out per team.  If not present at the luncheon to receive your payout, no one will be permitted to pick              up your winnings.  You will have to make arrangements to pick up your money from the President.

  4.  Bowling practice will start at 9:20, scoring at 9:30 am.

  5.  A seven-point system will be used (2 points per game and 1 point for total pins of the series).

  6.  Individual handicap will be used with 90% difference of 200.

  7. A team will consist of 3 regular members, with 1 constituting a legal lineup.  In the event a team does not have 3 permanent members, a                    Vacancy score of 120 will be used until such time there is an established full 3-member team.

  8. Bowlers will pay $15 per week ($11.80 bowling lineage, $.50 Admin. Fee, $.20 Treasurer fee, Prize Fee will be $2.50).  If a substitute is used, both        the bowler and sub. pay $7.50.  If the regular bowler has prepaid, she will be given a credit toward her next payment.

  9. The last 2 weeks of bowling will be paid by the THIRD week of bowling.

10. Our Sunshine Lady is Donnie Farmer.  She will help to inform league members of any illness for this season and send out appropriate cards.            Each league member will pay $.50 at the beginning of league play to fund this program.

11.  The Secretary duties are as follows:  taking and typing all minutes, draw for teams and give Fiesta Bowl a copy of all teams with phone                         numbers, give Fiesta a copy of our rules.

12.  The Treasurer duties are as follows:  collect weekly money, keep track of all payments, collect and pay all sanctions fees, keep a copy of prize             fund statements and reconcile bank statement.

13.  In the event a bowler is late arriving, she shall be permitted to bowl provided she is ready to bowl before the opposing anchor person has                 completed the 3rd frame of the game.

14.  When a regular team member is absent and a sub is not available, the absent bowler average less 10 pins will be used and her normal                       handicap will be used to compute team handicap.

15.  Bowlers will establish an average after the first 3 games bowled.  Handicap will be calculated after the first week of bowling to determine wins         and losses for that day.

16.  Team captains are responsible for collecting team bowling fees and note the amount paid each week on their envelope.  The Treasurer will               keep these envelopes until the end of the season in the event there are any questions concerning payment of bowling fees.

17.  If a member withdraws during the season without proper notice and sufficient cause, is dismissed or suspended, shall forfeit any money paid           into the league.  A bowler wishing to drop out of the league may do so by giving 2 weeks’ notice and paying 2 weeks bowling fees. If an                       immediate replacement takes over, the 2-week fee is not required.

18.  When a team cannot bowl for any reason, the opposing team must be told 48 hours in advance by notifying the team captain and the                         President of the league in order that a new date can be set prior to the next week of bowling.  Unopposed bowling must have verification of               computer scores. 

19.  Any postponed games must be made up before the next scheduled date of bowling. Score sheets must be left with the President after your               final game bowled.

20.  When bowling against a vacancy team, the league will use the draw system.  The team bowling will draw another team to bowl against. Points           will only be awarded to the team that is bowling. No points will be awarded to the vacancy team that was drawn.

21.  When bowling against a forfeit, the team bowling will win all points without any restrictions.

22.  When bowling against a pre-bowl team, the team bowling will be allowed to enter the scores of the pre-bowl prior to the start of the league               bowling.

23.  If you are to be absent and wish to request a sub, the bowler to be absent is responsible for contacting Sherry Phillips (922-3306), Sub                         Coordinator to request a sub.  If there are any vacancies on any of the teams, the vacancies take priority for using subs.  As a courtesy to your           team members, PLEASE let your team captain or a member of your team know if you will be absent in addition to letting Sherry know the                   dates you will be gone. 

24.  If a sub is being used on a team and the team opts to change the lineup, ONLY the team captain is permitted to change the lineup.  If the team         captain is not here, check with a League officer.  This change MUST be made before the first ball is thrown by either team.


25.  The President shall appoint a 3-member nominating committee to select a slate of officers for next year. This slate shall be presented and                 voted upon by the league members during the last 4 weeks of bowling.

26.  Officers of the winter league are also the officers for the summer Hot Mama’s Drop-in Social League.  See summer league rules.

27.  There will be 50’s and 60’s music played during league bowling.

28.  The rosters of all teams shall automatically disband at the end of the season. A team franchise in the league will not be held by team captains.         At the beginning of each season, bowlers draw numbers for teams and then each team will select a new captain for that season only.

29.  Foul light will be operating and MUST be enforced.  We will follow the USBC rules.  A copy of these rules is available online via the USBC                       website or app.  A copy of the rule book will be made available at each bowling session with an officer of the league.


30.  In the event of a score being erroneously entered by the computer, ONLY the team captain or an officer of the league may change the score.             The Fiesta Bowl manager on duty at the desk may also change the score. 


The above rules have been approved by the league members.


                                                                                            August 22, 2019   

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