Wednesday Mixed has ended their league as it stands due to Covid-19.

We look forward to starting our fall league in September.



President:  Scott Kranz  781-6493

Vice President:  

Secretary/Treasurer:  Emma Pinson  922-1451


  1. This league will not be a sanctioned league but will bowl in accordance with the USBC rules. 

  2. The league board of directors, which consists of the officers and team captains, shall manage this league.  The quorum for the board meetings is a majority of the board.

  3. Teams will be mixed and consist of 2 men and 2 women, 3 men and 1 woman, or 1 man and 3 women.  At least one regular member must bowl for a legal lineup.

  4. The league will bowl on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m., at Fiesta Bowl for a period of 30 weeks beginning September 4th, 2019 - April 22nd, 2020, barring any postponements due to inclement weather.  We will bowl 30 weeks with time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s.  Banquet will be on April 29th, 2020

  5. The season will be a straight season with no position rounds.

  6. For the first three games of bowling, handicap will be based on the bowler's ending league average. Thereafter, handicap will be based on current average.  For a new member, his/her average will be determined after the first 3 games.  Individual handicap is based on 90% of the difference of the average from 220.  If a bowler reaches an average more than 220, he/she will be capped with 0 handicap, no negative handicap.

  7. Team points will be 2 for each game won and 2 for total pins.  Any ties will be 1 point for each team.

  8. Bowling fees will be $15 per week of which $11.80 is for bowling lineage, $.50 for scoring fees, and $2.70 will go into the treasury for prizes and other expenses.  Substitutes will pay $7 and the regular bowler will pay the other $8. Captains will be responsible for the team's score sheets and bowling fees.  Payment envelopes should be brought to the secretary/treasurer as early as possible, preferably before the first game begins.

  9. If a team has a regular member absent without a sub, the absentee's average less 10 pins and full handicap will be used. In the event of a vacancy, the score would be 140 for men, and 120 for women, with handicap based on those scores. Late bowlers may catch up providing the remaining players on both teams have not completed the 3rd frame.  If a bowler needs to leave before finishing a game, 1/10 of the bowler's absentee score is used for each remaining frame, with handicap remaining as it is.

  10. Floating subs will be used.  Subs may be either sex providing the team does not become all male or female.

  11. The last 2 weeks of bowling shall be paid by the 3rd week of the regular league schedule.

  12. A bowler must have ½ or 45 games of the league season to be eligible for individual awards.

  13. The vice-president will be the chairperson of the banquet committee and may choose additional committee members to help.

  14. Pre-bowling: If a team cannot be present to bowl as scheduled and elects to pre-bowl, the opposing team should be given the opportunity to bowl at the same time.  A pre-bowling schedule must be arranged with Fiesta Bowl, and the secretary notified.  If you know you are going to pre-bowl, please pre-pay by the previous week.  If you post bowl you need to get your game in before the next Wednesday of bowling.

  15. Secretary compensation for the year will be $1.50 per bowler.

  16. Practice balls will be limited to one roll per lane, then move to other lane.

  17. Prizes will be paid for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for individual ($15, $10 and $5) and team ($60, $40 and $20) games and series, both scratch and handicap, with scratch scores taking precedence over handicap scores.  Teams and individuals are limited to one prize except for standings.  A prize of $10 for male and female most improved will also be awarded.

  18. A team bowling a vacancy team will draw number of another team to compare scores.  Only the team bowling a vacancy will win any points.

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