HOT VILLAGE BOWLERS – 2021-2022 Season


This league will not be a sanctioned league.

  1. The league will bowl on Thursday’s at 2:00 p.m., at Fiesta Bowl for a period of 29 weeks beginning September 9th, 2021 - April 7th, 2022, barring any postponements due to inclement weather or Covid restrictions.  We will bowl 29 weeks with time off for Thanksgiving Nov 25th and Christmas Dec 23rd.  The banquet will be on April 14th, 2022.

  2. Please choose a team name and a captain for your team.

  3. For the first three games of bowling, handicap will be based on the bowler's ending league average. Thereafter, handicap will be based on current average.  For a new member, his/her average will be determined after the first 3 games.  Individual handicap is based on 90% of the difference of the average from 210.

  4. Team points will be 2 for each game won and 2 for total pins.  Any ties will be 1 point for each team.

  5. The minimum number of regular bowlers needed for a team to not forfeit is 1 bowler.

  6. If you cannot bowl on any given week, you are responsible for getting your own sub.

  7. If you miss bowling and did not have a sub, you are responsible for the $15 per week you missed, upon your return.

  8. Bowling fees will be $15 per week of which $12.00 is for bowling lineage, $.50 for scoring fees, and $2.50 will go into the treasury for prizes and other expenses.  If you write a check, please make it out to Hot Village Bowlers.  Substitutes will pay $8 and the regular bowler will pay $7. Captains will be responsible for the team's score sheets and bowling fees. 

  9. Payment envelopes should be brought to the secretary/treasurer as early as possible.  There is an envelope provided for your team.  Mark the amount paid IN PENCIL in the box that corresponds to your name and current date.  You can pay in advance with cash or check, made out to Hot Village Bowlers.  If you pay in advance, please only put the total amount of money paid in the box next to your name.  If you have a sub, record the money the sub pays, ($8) in the box/date that corresponds to the person they are subbing for and NOT on a separate line. PLEASE-no entries in ink on the envelopes.

10. If a team has a regular member absent without a sub, the absentee's average less 10 pins and full handicap will be used. In the              event of a vacancy, the score would be 140 for men, and 120 for women, with handicap based on those scores. Late bowlers may             catch up providing the remaining players on both teams have not completed the 3rd frame.  The late bowler may bowl for the 2nd         and 3rd games.

11. Subs will be used. 

12.  The last 2 weeks of bowling shall be paid by the 3rd week of the regular league schedule.

13.  Pre-bowling: If a team cannot be present to bowl as scheduled and elects to pre-bowl, the opposing team should be given the                 opportunity to bowl at the same time.  A pre-bowling schedule must be arranged with Fiesta Bowl, and the secretary notified.  If             you know you are going to pre-bowl, please pre-pay by the previous week.  If you post bowl you need to get your game in before             the next Thursday of bowling.

14.  If the league ends up with an odd number of teams the “odd” team for that week will bowl against a BYE, abiding by the “Earn                 Points System”.  You will be bowling against your own team’s average.  To win points, the team bowling must bowl at least their               teams average less 30 pins.  The team average is the sum of each bowler’s average on the team.  In case of a tie, points are split.

       Example:  Team 1 has a team average of 400, so they would have to bowl at least 370 each game to win points.  For total pins, they         would need to bowl at least 1110 (370 x 3).