2020-2021 Season - Start Date 9-10-20


We will bowl a total of 29 Thursdays, per our agreement with Fiesta Bowl (end date April 15)​ with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's off.

  • Each bowler will pay $15 a week for the 2020-21  bowling league.


  • If you cannot bowl on any given week, you are responsible for getting your own sub.


  • If a regular bowler needs a sub, then the sub bowler will pay $8.00 and the regular bowler pays $7.  If you write a check, please make it out to Hot Village Bowlers.


  • There is an envelope provided for your team and mark the amount paid IN PENCIL PLEASE in the box that corresponds to your name and date of bowling. You can pay in advance with cash or make checks out to Hot Village Bowlers. If you pay in advance, please put the total amount of money paid in the box next to your name.


  • Our first week, we pay for the first week & last week.  Only mark the ‘total’ that you paid next to your name on the envelope each week.  Do not mark anything in the ongoing weeks please.


  • If you have a sub, then the money ($8) the sub pays is to be recorded in the box/date that corresponds to the person they are replacing and NOT on a separate line.


  • Once we get started, please choose a team name. Also, please choose a captain for your team.


  • We will establish our handicap the first week of bowling.


  • A new bowler that comes in as a permanent or as a sub at any point in time during the league season will establish their handicap the first time that they bowl for Hot Village Bowlers.


  • When a team must bowl against a BYE, your team will abide by the “Earn Points System”:

       You will be bowling against your own team’s average.  To win points, the team bowling must bowl at least their teams average less 30           pins.  The team average is the sum of each bowler’s average on the team.  In case of a tie, points are split.

       Example:  Team 1 has a team average of 400, so they would have to bowl at least 370 each game to win points.  For total pins, they               would need to bowl at least 1110 (370 x 3).


  • Our league uses 90% of a 210 score to establish the handicap.


  • Lanes will be cleaned and oiled before our 2 PM league.


  • Fiesta Bowl will turn on the lanes at approximately 1:50 PM for practice, with league bowling starting at 2 PM.


  • There will be an awards banquet at the end of the season.


General Rules for the League:


  1. The league is not a sanctioned league.

  2. The minimum number of regular bowlers needed for a team to not forfeit is 1 bowler.

  3. If you miss bowling for a week & did not have a sub, you still pay $­­­15 upon your return for that week.

  4. If you get a substitute, that sub pays $8 and you pay $7 upon your return.

  5. Subs may be used the last week of bowling.

  6. If a team will have all of its bowlers missing on a given Thursday, they may ask the team captain of the team they are going to bowl, if it is acceptable for them to either pre-bowl and/or bowl after that week of bowling. If a team chooses to post bowl, it must be completed no later than the end of the Sunday following the scheduled Thursday bowling time.

  7. If a person arrives late, they can make up the missed frames, if they arrive before the completion of the 3rd frame.