SHJ Summer Bowling Information (Revised)

Summer Season: May 30th thru August 22nd

  • 11 weeks will be the length of this Summer league.  We do not bowl the week of July 4th thus, our last week of bowling will be on August 22nd.  

Save the Date: End of the Season party planned for August 29th. 

  • 22000 I-30, Bryant, AR 72022


  • Every team is encouraged to come up with a team name and a team captain. Please update your team's payment envelope with this name, as well as, Fiesta's scoring sheet on the first night of play.


  • A weekly fee of $14.00 will be collected each week to bowl.  This fee is for Fiesta to rent

the lanes, as well as, cash payouts for individual and group winners at the End of the Season party.  Cash or checks accepted:  If writing a check, please make the check payable to:  SHJ Bowling. 


  • If you cannot bowl on any given week, you are responsible for getting your own sub.  Please e-mail when you have scheduled a sub so she may alert bowlers as to which subs have been taken for that week.


  • If a regular bowler needs a sub, the sub bowler pays $7 and the regular bowler pays $7.  If you do not obtain a sub, the regular bowler must pay the total amount of $14 for each week missed.  If no sub is obtained, bowler's average will be used less 10 pins.


Documentation of fees further explained:

  • There is a payment envelope provided for your team every night of bowling.  Next to your name, please write the TOTAL AMOUNT you are paying in the box that corresponds to the date you are paying.   You may pre-pay in advance of your bowling week(s) by marking “Pd” in the box that corresponds with the matching date(s) you are pre-paying. 


  • Within the first few weeks of bowling, it is necessary that the regular bowler pay for the first week and last week of bowling.  To document this, please write the total amount that you paid in the box that corresponds to the date you are paying. The bowler would then mark “Pd” in the box dated, August 22nd. 


  • If you have a sub, the $7 the sub pays is to be recorded in the box/date that corresponds to the person they are replacing. 


  • We will be using each person’s handicap from last season (Fall 2018) for the first week of bowling, whether classified as a Regular bowler or a Substitute bowler.  Thereafter, the bowler's handicap will be recalculated based on their bowling performance (may go up and/or down). 


  • A new bowler is defined as any bowler who did not bowl in the previous SHJ bowling league and/or who did not bowl at least 9 games in that league.  A new bowler’s average and handicap and/or a new substitute’s average and handicap will be established after the first 3 games they bowl and the handicap established will be used for that week and the following week.  Thereafter, the bower's handicap will be recalculated based on their bowling performance (may go up and/or down). 


General Rules for the League:

  1. The league is not a sanctioned league; subs can be used the last week of bowling.

  2. The minimum number of regular bowlers needed for a team to not forfeit is 1 bowler.

  3. Our league uses 90% of a 210 score to establish the handicap.

  4. We are allowed 10 minutes of practice time prior to the start time of our league, 6 pm.  Please plan to be in the bowling alley by 5:45 pm each Thursday.  Please limit warm up to one practice shot on each of the two lanes, rotating through practice.

  5. If a team will have all of its bowlers missing on a given Thursday, please alert Father Bill so he may inform the opposing team.  The team which will be missing their scheduled Thursday may then pre-bowl in advance of this date. 

  6. If a bowler arrives late to league play, they can make up the missed frames, if they arrive before the completion of the third frame.  This applies to any of the 3 games.


Edited 6/14/2019 due to power failure, cancellation of week 2…



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