Tuesday Night Delight Mixed League Rules

 2021 - 2022 Season



                                                                                    President:        Brian Drake             501-204-4546

                                                                                    Vice Pres:         Brenda Sallee          501-984-2684

                                                                                    Sec/Treas:        Lynn Fisher              501-701-4789 - H

                                                                                                                                                    501-620-3296 - C

                                                                                    Sgt @ Arms:     Dan Clark                  214-226-9653

                                                                                              TEAM CAPTAIN CONTACT ROSTER

                                                                   TEAM                                    TEAM CAPTAIN                  CONTACT #

                                                                   Thumbs Up                         Gwen Rochester               (501) 922-8112

                                                                   Turkey Baggers                  Bud Brintnell                    (601) 940-1326

                                                                   Strikes-R-Us                        Sue Bencriscutto             (630) 294-5334

                                                                   Bowling Stones                  Lisa Herlich                       (501) 984-3249                

                                                                   Fiesta Friends                    Susan Lamkins                 (501) 984-1813

                                                                   Pinfolk                                 Suzanne Lofgren              (801) 388-4238

                                                                   Lucky 7                                Donnie Farmer                 (501) 984-1322

                                                                   Friends & Family               Ron Painter                       (501) 545-1136

                                                                   Tuk-N-Fen Again               Ann Bard                            (501) 915-2143                                                    

                                                                   Pin Crushers                      Russell Childers                (501) 226-0199

1.  This will be a sanctioned league through the USBC and governed by a Board of Directors in accordance with USBC rules unless otherwise changed by league rules.


2.  The Board of Directors shall consist of the league officers and team captains (or a designated representative). A majority of the board constitutes a quorum for the transaction of league business unless changed in the league rules.


3.  The league will bowl a total 32 weeks.  The league will bowl on Tuesday nights, unless we have a cancellation due to weather or other mandates.  Practice will begin at 6:20 PM with competition beginning at 6:30 PM.  The first night will begin August 31, 2021 and will conclude on April 12, 2022.  The league will bowl two (2) sixteen-week seasons with prize money to be paid at the end of the end of the league in April.


4.  We will bowl the week of Thanksgiving but will not bowl on December 28, 2021.


5.  Each team's roster can be up to six bowlers with a weekly lineup of four members.  At least one member of each team must be of the opposite sex. A legal lineup is one (1) regular team member.  A team with six members on its roster cannot utilize a sub.


6.  Handicap will be 90% of the difference between the average and 210.


7.  Returning bowlers from last season Tuesday Night Delight will use last season’s average for the first nine games. Those bowlers new to the league will use their highest Greater Hot Springs USBC Association book average for the first nine games.  Those bowlers from an association other than the local Hot Springs association will use their highest book average (per bowl.com) for the first nine games of competition.  Bowlers without an average will set an average after the first three games of competition.


8.  League members will pay $15.00 per week.  The breakdown of fees will be $12.00 to the house for lineage, $0.50 to the house for administrative fees and $0.20 for sec/treasurer fee.  This will leave $2.30 per bowler per week for the prize fund.  League fees for the final two weeks of the season must be paid by the 4th week of the season (29th of September).


9.  Suggested prize lists will be submitted and voted on by the league membership.  To be eligible for an individual prize the bowler must have bowled 2/3 of the league season. (A minimum of 68 games).


10. This league will use a seven-point scoring system with two points for each game won and one point awarded for total series.


11. A team may pre/post bowl by informing the opposing team captain, league secretary and center management.  Teams involved may agree to bowl together at an agreed date and time within one week of the original date.  Except for emergencies, no pre/post bowling the last two weeks of the season. (See rule 5 for roster requirements) Post bowling will require the approval of a league officer.


12. Team captains are responsible for collecting league/membership fees from team members and turning in the envelope to the league secretary to a designated league officer by the 4th frame of the first game.  Team captains are responsible to ensure that each team member/substitute has completed a USBC association application for this league. (USBC Rule 101).


13. If a bowler, for any valid reason, must quit the league, they must do so by submitting written or verbal notice and paying two weeks bowling fees.  The two-week fees will be waived if an immediate replacement is available.  If withdrawal is due to current COVID-19 they will have their fees waived (USBC rule 114a).


14.  No subs may be used the last two weeks of the season.


15. For enjoyment of the bowlers, music will be played during competition.


16. In the event of an uneven number of teams, the team bowling the blind will abide by the 10 pin per bowler rule.


17. In the event a member's check is returned for NSF they will be liable for any and all bank fees.  Also, the team captain and member will be notified, and the member will not be allowed to bowl until the check is made good.  Any bowler more than 2 weeks behind in league fees will not be allowed to bowl until they are current.


18. Individuals under the age of 18 years will not be permitted to bowl in this league.


19. In the event of center closure, temporary disruption of league schedule or league cancelation the Board of Directors will determine any action to be taken after consultation with center management.



Rev: 8/42/21