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Summer 2022

President:  Bob Peters

Vice President:  Brenda Sallee

Sec/Treasurer:  Susie Lamkins


  1. This league will be sanctioned by the USBC.  All USBC rules will apply by the league rules below.

  2. This league will be governed by the board of directors consisting of league officers and team captains.

  3. The league will bowl a total of 12 weeks starting May 18, at 6:20 PM and ending August 3rd.

  4. This will be a mixed league with 18 teams consisting of 2 members.  The team roster is limited to 2 members.  A legal lineup is one (1) regular team member.

  5. The league will use a 7 point system, 2 points per game and 1 point for series.

  6. Handicap will be 90% of 220.  All bowlers will establish an average the first night they bowl.

  7. League fees will be $15 per person per week.  ($12 lineage, .50 Admin fee, .25 Sec fee and $2.25 prize fee)

  8. Bowlers are responsible for the weekly fees whether they bowl or not.  The last week of bowling MUST be paid by the fourth week.

  9. If the league has a “bye” team the opposing team must bowl within 10 pins of their average to win their points.  The same rule applies to a “forfeit.”

  10. When a bowler is absent, the missing bowler will use a “blind” score of 10 pins less than their average.

  11. Late bowlers will be allowed to bowl as long as the last bowler on the opposing team has not completed the 3rd frame.

  12. When a team cannot bowl as scheduled, the team captain must contact the opposing team within 48 hours of the scheduled bowling time to arrange pre-bowling.  USBC rule 111 will apply.

  13. Warm up practice will be 10 minutes starting at 6:20 PM.  Each bowler is to throw one ball and move to the alternate lane rotating through the practice session.


Prize monies will be paid out once the league completes its 12th night and team standings are calculated.  One member must be present to pick up the team winnings. One member must be present to pick up the team winnings.  Contact the league Sec/Treasurer if you cannot be available

No monies should be left at the center after league payout is made.


                        Prize list for 2022 

                        1   $100             

                        2       90              

                        3       80 

                        4       70 

                        5       60              

                        6       60              

                        7       60              

                        8       50              

                        9       50

                      10       50

                      11       50

                      12       40

                      13       40

                      14       40

                      15       30

                      16       30

                      17       30

                      18       30

                      Total prize list $960 of $972 estimated collected











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